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Posting Guidelines

Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:49 pm

All things posted in this category must follow these guidelines for posting their mods. They should follow this format.

Map/Mod Name:

Video: <If applicable>
Base: <Original Base Map Name>

Map/Mod Information:
[ YES/NO ] Server Syncable
[ YES/NO ] Weapon Mods
[ YES/NO ] Skin Mods
[ YES/NO ] Physics Mods
[ YES/NO ] Lighting Mods
[ YES/NO ] Vehicle Mods

Story: (If wanted)
Detailed Modifications/Information if needed:
Additional Screenshots: (if wanted)

Here is an example...
Jet Spawn Mod v0.1
Description: I moved the jet that was scenery into the map to stand on. There is a large collision box around it.

Author: kiwidog, NoFaTe
Base: Grand Bazaar

Download (Attach patch file as attachment on site when finished, WIP's can be hosted on known providers)
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kiwidog > NoFaTe.

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