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Launching of Modders Link

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:11 am
by kiwidog
Welcome to the launch of Modders Link

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting Emulator Nexus, kiwidoggie productions, and the various projects that we have started and supported over the years. We cannot be thankful enough for the community and the support that you guys have shown us over the years for providing tools and environments where everyone can learn and develop. So once again, thank you, without you guys this would not be worth anything.

What is Modders Link?
Modders Link is a haven where researchers, developers, content creators, mod creators can all work beside each other and communicate. The primary focus of this is to bring everyone together that is working towards expanding and researching the Frostbite and Blam engines.

How to keep in touch?
Modders Link will be the default place for go to support, announcements, feedback, or discussion. This will not be the only area where you can get in contact with us. We currently have a public Discord server where anyone is free to join and have a quick chat. You can also follow the owners of Modders Link (mlink) on Twitter.

With all of that being said, be sure to check out the FAQ/General Rules before posting, any infractions will be handled by the staff accordingly.

How can I contribute?
Community contribution is going to be huge for us here at Modders Link. We have a GitHub set up where you can check out code for various platforms and officially developed plugins for Rime. If you want to continue to expand, or help us out even with a suggestion feel free to use GitHub as a platform to do so. With that being said, for Rime application enhancements, bugs, or issues please use Rime's GitHub Issues Tracker, or if you don't have an account, use the support section on the forums.

Check back here for more information.

Thank you for working with us. :D